About Us

Our Founder

Our CEO and Founder is a fashion blogger and designer based in Louisiana. Creativity is her pulse and fashion runs through her veins. When Skidmore initially created her Instagram, she realized that she had a propensity for showcasing her personal style. This fueled her to start her fashion blog in 2015. (www.lexbrionna.com)
Designing and having her own clothing brand had been a dream of hers. After 4 years of working solely as an accountant, Alexis is ready to replace her 9-5 with her true passion, Fashion. Her true calling must move from a dream to a plan.
"I have to have a job that allows me to create. I love being a blogger because it's just like playing dress up and having your photos taken right after. I also get to think of great quality content for my website and social media. But nothing is more fulfilling than sketching out ideas, picking out fabrics and creating my own unique pieces. There's just something about imagining a look, watching it come to life and being able to say I created that. I can do this all day long!" -Alexis
Our Brand
Our mission is to promote self-confidence by producing high quality fashion that helps our customers feel sexy and unique. We know that looking stylish and stunning can jumpstart your day; we are committed to being your source for the hottest looks.
For each design, the best quality fabrics, lining, threads, and sewing techniques are chosen to ensure durability and longevity. Fox Blvd is sure to provide staple pieces that will make a statement as you enter any room.